ionlake Security

Security is at our core, that’s why we engineer it into everything we do.

Security is a 2-way street

We work hard to make your data safe, but to also give you the tools to integrate security into your process as well. We incorporate Multi-Factor Authentication, enforce strong passwords, and timeout inactive sessions. But the buck does not always stop with us, it also stops with you.

Our Partners Security

Data Isolation

Being data can be lonely, especially when you are in ionlakes system, because each customers data is stored separately in its own container, and is fully encrypted. Data contamination just can’t happen. We also use encryption for data when it is in transit, no matter the source or the target.

API Security

Our API’s also require authentication to access our systems, just like people. Access to what is restricted the same way it is for users, restricting API’s to just the data that they can access.

Reporting Vulnerabilities

In the event a vulnerability is detected, you can report it here.