Wade Girard

My name is Wade Girard, I founded tikiwade back in 2003 as a way to aggregate classified listings though RSS feeds into one searchable index, like a google for stuff for sale. Tikiwade is now ionlake and since then it has grown quite a lot, and gone through many changes to become the platform for MyRepChat.

I have been developing software since I was a teenager, my mom had purchased a Commodore Vic 20 for me which came with a guide on how to program in Basic. I was hooked and have been programming ever since.

I am also the director of a car club called Midwest Mopars, we put on one of the largest all Mopar car shows in the nation, called Midwest Mopars in the Park. I enjoy all the friends I have in the car hobby, car shows, cruising, and of course racing

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