Working with Photos

All photos and files are stored in our cloud providers file storage location and only accessible through your ionlake/MyRepChat account. This is the same for your vCard photo, your MMS photos, and any other files. When you open a dialog for working with photos, like the “Set Photo” feature in vCard or the send photo feature in MyRepChat, you can upload or delete photos from your file storage location.

To upload, simply drag and drop an image file (.png) into the area that says “Drop Media Here”. Your image will be uploaded and made available in the list below immediately. To use the image, select it and click the appropriate button. You can also delete an image from this dialog by clicking¬†the trash can icon.

Also, when you use the app on your mobile device to upload an image, the image will be uploaded to this same location and will be available everywhere for you to use.

There are no limitations on the number of photos you can have.