BETA: this is a new feature and it is considered to be in BETA. Please report your experiences with it to

With MyRepChat, you can use workflows to create custom responses to incoming messages. A built in workflow is the vCard workflow, which you do not need to create because it is built right into MyRepChat. That workflow would look like:

When an incoming SMS equals vCard then reply with vCard media.

Workflows, after they are defined, look like simple statements just like the one above.

You can find workflows on your MyRepChat admin page (the wrench on the left side menu).

To add a new workflow, just click the Add Workflow button.

Start out by picking how this workflow will start, either from an incoming SMS, or a voice call. You have 2 options for each, you can use the incoming SMS from a new number to create a custom response message, like asking the new texter for their name, etc..

For the voice handling, you can choose to provide custom handling when it is from a specific number, or a handler for voice calls from any number.

When you have selected one, you will next get options for what to do when the condition is met.

An example use would be to provide a link to your calendar when someone texts you the word calendar. (see above)

Note that Start and Stop keywords are reserved and are handled before workflows are executed, you cannot provide workflows for this condition. You can override the default vCard handling by providing a vCard workflow.

More examples.

Note that with voice workflows, you can have a message spoken to the caller, this is a computer generated voice, not a recorded message from an individual.

When workflows is out of BETA, the call forwarding feature of MyRepChat will be transitioned to a workflow.