Setting up your MyRepChat number

When you log into MyRepChat for the first time a dialog will appear instructing you to go to the administration app and setup your MyRepChat number.

You will see this dialog every time you log in until the number is configured.

If you go to MyRepChat Admin in the Administration app (wrench icon) you will see the phone number chooser on the page. (you will also see where you can configure your forwarding number, and auto replies)

Enter in the area code that you would like your number to use and click the search button.

You will be presented with 30 phone number choices. If you don’t like any of these, you can click the search button again for 30 new results. Once you have decided on a number, click on the number to choose it.

A confirmation dialog will appear. Once you have chosen your MyRepChat number, it is yours and it cannot be changed. Click the “Yes, I’m Sure” button to claim your number.

Now the number chooser will go away and you can always come back to this page to see your MyRepChat number.