Recurring Messages

You can schedule messages to go out on a recurring annual basis. Some examples of this would be

  • Happy Birthday Message
  • Half Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Annual Reviews

To do this, select the contact who you would like to create/manage recurring messages for and click on the chasing arrows icon below the text message box.

The recurring messages dialog works the same way as the saved message dialog and the message links dialog.

To add a new recurring message, click the “Add” button and select the month, the day of the month, and the message (128 characters max).

To edit an existing message, just click anywhere on the message line other than the trash can icon on the right.

To delete the message, simple click on the trash can icon on the right.

The messages are processed and queued daily at around 7am central. If a message is added after this time it will not go out until the next time the month and day occur.