Quality Assurance Engineer

Position Overview

The Quality Assurance Engineer (QAE) is responsible monitoring and managing the software development process through every phase. Our QAE will certify the design quality of our products making sure that the software meets company standards and customer expectations. The QAE, in short, will verify that everything is working correctly before public release.

Job Responsibilities

  • Involved in software design, writing source code, configuration management, change management, testing integration of software, and release management.
  • Divides development into goal areas to keep projects from becoming overwhelming.
  • Works with teams to develop clear and realistic goals and deadlines.
  • Ensures that projected deadlines are never delayed.

Accountabilities and Performance Measurement

  • Sets and oversees project deadlines and public release dates.
  • Meets management and company made goals within various stages of development.

Organizational Alignment

  • Reports to CTO.
  • This position has no direct reports.


  • Four year degree in related field or 10 years work experience.
  • All prospective employees are required to pass a background check.