Logging in/Multi Factor Authentication

We work hard to make your data as secure as possible, and to that end we have implemented multi factor authentication into MyRepChat. What this means is that not only must you know your password to log in, you must also verify that you are you by having a device that can receive a 6 digit code via text message.

You should only have to do this once per device, however if you use a new device (computer, mobile, etc…) or clear your cache or remove an installed app, you may need to repeat it. This is for your security.

If you ever receive a text message code, and you are not attempting to log in, this is an indicator that someone is trying to access your account from an unknown device.

Just enter in your username and password like you normally do

and click the login button, if this is a new device a place for you to type in your verification code will appear below the login button

Check your mobile device for a message that reads “Use this code for ionlake verification: XXXXXX” from a short code sender.

That 6 digit code is only good for 10 minutes, if it expires before you enter it, just click the “Login” button again.

After entering the code and clicking “Verify”, you will be logged in and can proceed as usual.

If your mobile number is not known, you will first be presented with a text field that you can use to provide your mobile number.

After providing your mobile number a verification will be sent to your mobile device to continue the multi factor authentication.