Journaled Reporting

Most major archiving platforms allow the archiving of data through journaled reporting. A journaled report is an email that is sent to a specific email address. The server hosted the email address will consume the emails content and archive the email, and in many cases provide a way to search through the emails contents.

With MyRepChat there are a couple ways to setup journaled reporting, based on your need as an individual user, or as a group administrator.

The Sender Email Address

The first thing to know is that in many of these archiving systems, the sender email address of the journaled report is very important. The default email address that reports are sent from is ‘’. To change it to something else, you will need to have login access to the account that you want to make the change to, and access to the email so that you can verify the email address.

  1. Login to MyRepChat and click on the Admin icon (Wrench)
  2. Find the section with the heading Report Sender
  3. Replace with the email address you would like to use
  4. Click the Save/Verify button
  5. Find the email that was sent to the email address that you entered
  6. Follow the instructions in the email to verify the address

After completing these steps, the email address will be configured and all journaled emails will be sent from this email address. Note that if you fail to perform the verification in step 6, the emails will bounce and fail to be sent.

Sending Journaled Reports

User Setup

As a user, you can setup the automatic sending of journaled reports. You can choose to send them to any email address you like, and you can choose to send them to multiple email addresses. We do not place limits on the sending of reports.

  1. Login to MyRepChat and click on the Admin icon (Wrench)
  2. Find the section with the heading Reports
  3. Use the Add button to open the Report Settings dialog
  4. In the dialog select the report type and enter the report recipient email address
  5. Click save to complete.

Repeat this for every email address you would like to have reports sent to.

If you ever want to change a report setting, or remove it completely, just come back to this configuration and click the edit icon (Pencil) to edit the setting, or use the remove icon (Trash can) to remove it all together.

These reports are generated and emailed out at around 4:30 AM CST for the previous day.

Group Setup

As a group administrator you can setup to have a journaled report sent for everyone in your group. These reports are sent out nightly to an email address that you specify and will use the sender address that the user sets up. You cannot override the sender address as this address must be a verified email address and only the sender can verify the email address.

  1. Login to your MyRepChat group administrator portal
  2. Select the Admin icon (Wrench) and choose Group Setup
  3. Find the section with the heading Reporting
  4. Choose the report type and enter in the recipient email address
  5. Choose the Save button at the bottom of the page to save the changes

For all reporting, reports are only sent when there has been sms or mms activity on the account during the reporting period.

Any MMS media will be in the email as an attachment.

The users vCard is always attached to the email, regardless of weather it was sent or not.