Java Script- Senior User Interface Development Engineer

Position Overview

The Java Script-Senior User Interface Development Engineer is responsible for the maintenance and advancement of the user interface of ionlake and MyRepChat. As a Senior Development Engineer they are expected to be a motivator and driving force for our future direction of our stack and architecture. A Senior Development Engineer will be able to problem solve most any issue, research and champion best practices, fully understand current Java Script, and code UX designs. They also need to be able to create working prototypes in a timely manner.

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for providing and coding user interfaces within the corporate environment.
  • Ability to solve complex web interfaces coding issues across multiple browsers and form factors.
  • Strength in clearly communicating, demonstrating, and advocating new designs and usability to the business customers.
  • Presentation layer coding from wireframe designs.
  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX, Bootstrap, JSSF/PrimeFaces
  • Champions proper usability and design principles while working on projects.
  • Ability to work in collaboration with other teams to create great looking software.
  • Design, develop, document, analyze, test, integrate, debug, conduct research, and integrate new features into existing infrastructures.

Accountabilities and Performance Measurements

  • Meets project deadlines and public release dates.
  • Coding issue resolutions quickly.

Organizational Alignment

  • Reports to CTO.
  • This position has no direct reports.


  • Four year degree in related field or 10 years experience.
  • All prospective employees are required to pass a background check.