Importing Contacts from HubSpot

If you are a HubSpot user you will most likely want to import your contacts from HubSpot into MyRepChat. To do this, click on the Get Contacts link in the action bar.

When you click on this, a dialog will open and you can select HubSpot to begin the process.

You will now be redirected to the HubSpot login page where you will need to authenticate using your HubSpot login credentials, this is how you give ionlake/MyRepChat permission to access your contacts. When finished you will be taken back to MyRepChat.

You may see a loading dialog appear as MyRepChat is working to get all the contacts from HubSpot, this is normal. When they have finished loading you will see a dialog that you can use to select which contacts from HubSpot you would like to import.

When you select a contact it will change color to indicate that it has been selected for import.

When you are done selecting contacts, select the Import button to complete the process. When the import has completed your contact list will be updated with the imported contacts and you can begin using them immediately.

Note that contacts imported from HubSpot will have a small orange icon next to their name so you can easily identify them.