How to use the Outlook Add-In

You can send text messages reminders from within Microsoft Outlook using the MyRepChat Add-In for Outlook.

NOTE: the contacts must be in MyRepChat and must have the same email address as they do in outlook.


Installing Add-Ins in Office/Outlook is not within the scope of this help document. There are probably several ways to do this based on your version of Outlook and how it is managed. We at ionlake are not Microsoft Outlook admins, and recommend you:

  • Contact your Office/Outlook administrator
  • Find help documents on Microsoft’s web site
  • Use a third party consultant

Do not contact us for support on how to install Add-In’s in Outlook.

When you have found appropriate guidance, and get to the part where you can enter in the URL for the Add-In, use this URL:

NOTE: This URL will not guide you through installation or install it for you, this URL IS the Add-In.

How to Use

After that is set up, to activate the add in you need to create a new appointment in Outlook. In the appointment, set the date, time, attendees, etc… and right before clicking save you can click the MyRepChat Add-In icon.


This will open the Add-In pane.

What you will notice is that the Add-In will automatically select the same time as the meeting, but for one day before the meeting, and will pre-fill in the message for the reminder with the time of the meeting. You can of course change the message and date/time that you want this message to be sent at.

When finished, click the “Schedule” button and MyRepChat will search for contacts in your MyRepChat contact list that have the same email address as the ones you have on the meeting invite, if it finds them, it will schedule the message to go out to their mobile phone.

When it is finished, it will display a message to indicated how many messages were scheduled.