Group Messaging

Messaging to a group of individuals can be done in a couple different ways. When in the web app you can perform group messaging by setting the Group Messaging button in the action bar.

Within the group messaging dialog you can type your message or choose an image to send, select to have the message scheduled for a later delivery date/time, and choose your recipients.

Your options for recipients are

  • All – meaning all your contacts
  • Tags – contacts with a specific tag
  • Pick – Choose the contacts from a list

When typing your message you can perform a couple string replacements.

  • ${name} – the recipients full name
  • ${fname} – the recipients first name
  • ${lname} – the recipients last name
  • ${email} – the recipients email address

Note that with all group messages. The messages are sent as individual messages to each contact, not as an actual group message.