Cloud Engineer

Position Overview

The Cloud Engineer (CE) is responsible for any technological duties associated with cloud computing, including design, planning, management, maintenance, and support. Our CE is expected to have experience with open source technology, software development, systems engineering, scripting languages, and multiple cloud provider environments. The CE will have an background in biulding and designing web services in the Cloud.

Job Responsibilities

  • Build and design the operational scalability that sustains the platforms growth.
  • Further existing application and system management tools and processes that reduce manual efforts and increase overall efficiency.
  • Familiar with Java, Python, and Ruby.
  • Experience with Open Stack, Linux, and Amazon Web Services.
  • Engages in design and execution of production acceptance tests.
  • Prepares various systems maintenance tasks.

Accountabilities and Performance Measurement

  • Meets project deadlines and public release dates.
  • Solves Cloud based issues within time expectation of ionlake.

Organizational Alignment

  • Reports to CTO.
  • Reports directly to Senior Cloud Engineer


  • Four year degree in related field or 10 years work experience.
  • All prospective employees are required to pass a background check.