Membership Management Solutions

Cloud Based

Your data is securely stored in the cloud and available whenever you need it, wherever you want it, with complete access control.

Online sign up and renewal

You members can sign and and renew their membership online. No need to read handwriting or run to the bank with checks.

Find Members Fast

You are able to easily find members that match certain criteria with easy to use tagging and sorting tools.

Quick Contact

With just a few clicks you can send emails to targets groups within your membership and customize the message to make it more personal.

Mobile Ready

Experience all the same tools that you can use in your browser, on your mobile device. Everything, everywhere, all the time.

… And More

ID Cards, Mailing Lists, Import/Export tools, reports, and a lot more. We are continually adding features and improving .


  • With the entire suite of applications from ion lake, we are able to manage the monthly membership needs of one of the largest car clubs in the midwest and host one of the largest all Mopar car shows in the nation. The software scales with our needs, and just works.

    Midwest Mopars


Event management requires an entire suite of applications to manage all the aspects of an event, that's where ion lake's suite comes in, it ties it all together in one place.

Group Membership

Group Membership allows you to manage your groups members, tag members, email your group, generate mailing labels, create membership cards, and a lot more.

Event Management (Coming Soon)

Plan it all, attendee sign up, vendor sign up and location mapping, worker scheduling, mobile access during the event, and a lot more.

Pricing Tables

Membership Management
  • Unlimited Members
  • Online Sign Up/Renewal
  • Contact Tools
  • Mailing Labels
  • ID Cards
  • & More...

Free Trial

Try our Membership Management solutions for free for one month. No set up fees or other hidden costs, and we won't ever sell your information or fill your mailbox with a bunch of spam. We want to see you succeed!


We've grown our software from a simple tool for managing one club and a small hometown event, into a platform that has been integral in helping grow the clubs membership and event management. We have always been focused on one thing, success. We are relentless in our never ending pursuit to create the absolute best platform for membership and event management. We pride ourselves on quality, and we ask that you test us on that every day and expect nothing less than the best from us.

Our Team

Wade Girard

Wade Girard


    Over 25 years of experience in the software industry, 7 years coordinating events, and 10 years of experience in leadership. Wade's focus is on the customer, and delivering a simpler more intuitive experience to complex problems.


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